Lyon City Card: River Cruise, Fine Arts Museum, City Tour, Mini World, Planetarium & More!

$ 32.83 / AED 120.5 per person


  • See Lyon your way – make your own tour itinerary
  • Great savings with this super-value pass
  • Includes more than 30 free activites and tours including 23 museums
  • Free transport for duration of card
  • Cruise down the Saône River
  • Learn about early cinematography and discover the magic of puppetry
  • Explore Lyon by bicycle
  • Access to Lyon′s wide range of attractions with one handy smart card

Activity Schedule

As per your convenience.
Duration: The card is activated on first use and is available in 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day options.


Discover the many delights of a city noted for its contributions to cooking, cinema, and silk production with a super-value smart card available in 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day or 4-Day options.

This handy card gives you free access to 23 exciting museums and services plus great discounts on other attractions. Depending on the card option you choose, you will enjoy one, two, three or four days of unlimited access to the buses, trams, metros and funiculars in the city. What’s more, the Lyon City Card allows you the freedom to set your itinerary and choose from a wide variety of activities.

For example, you could enjoy a relaxing cruise on the River Saône, marveling in the beauty of the French countryside, or take one of the city’s popular guided tours, or explore Lyon by bicycle.

You also could feast your eyes on the rich collections in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, learn the secrets of special effects and dioramas for film-making, and immerse yourself in 4000 years of fabric, silk and decoration at Musée des Tissus & Musée Arts Décoratifs!

And don’t forget to check out Lyon’s enchanting puppetry exhibitions. The city has the only museum in France devoted to puppet theaters and is home to Le Petit Musée Fantastique de Guignol – a tiny puppet museum that’s one of the most popular attractions in town.

The Lyon City Card is your cultural passport to Lyon.There is much to discover in this city which is famed for gastronomy, the production and weaving of silk, and the development of cinematography.

You’ll save time and money with this innovative smart card that offers 27 services and gives discounts on 11 more and covers the whole range of cultural Lyon.

All 23 museums in the city are included in the package and the Lyon City Card is available in three convenient options: 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day or 4-Day. Depending which card option you purchase you will enjoy one, two or three days of unlimited access to the buses, trams, metros and funiculars in the city.

Among the many museums to visit are the Musée Miniatures & Cinéma, housed in the magnificent and famous 16th century Maison des Avocats (Legal Chamber) in Old Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unusual museum showcases the art of dioramas and the art of film sets and special effects. Film buffs will also enjoy the Institut Lumière, which presents the works of the Lumière family and charts the invention of cinema.

Another intriguing venue is the Musées Gadagne: Histoire de Lyon et Marionnettes du Monde, the only museum in France devoted to puppet theaters. It houses more than 330 puppets, sets, posters and repertoires from France, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Also on the theme of puppets is Le Petit Musée Fantastique de Guignol – a tiny, two-room museum with sensor-activated exhibits.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in textiles will want to tour the Musée des Tissus & Musée Arts Décoratifs, a celebration of 4,000 years of fabric and decoration, or the Maison des Canuts, where you can discover the Lyonnais tradition of silk weaving and production.

If you love history, then travel back to Roman times when you visit the Musée Gallo-Romain, previously located in the heart of the Roman city and now sited near the city's Roman theater on Fourvière hill.

One of the most popular activities in Lyon is a cruise on the River Saône. You’ll glide along this scenic river and discover some of the most beautiful vistas the French countryside has to offer. Or you might want to explore the delights of the city via the public bicycle hire service, the Vélo'v. Since Lyon is a modest size, you can see everything around you and take the time to experience the city’s unique atmosphere and energy.

Your card also includes the excellent guided tours of the city provided by Lyon Tourism and Conventions. At least 20 different themed tours are on offer.

Using the card, you can plan your own itinerary for your visit to Lyon and can start or finish at your convenience.

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Entry to 23 museums mentioned on the card Unlimited access to public transport Guided tours offered by Lyon Tourism and Conventions A cruise on the Saône River Admission to silk workshops Vélo'v ride or Cyclopolitain

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The problem we had was time. This card is well worthwhile if you've got more than 1 day in Lyon (which is what we had). We had a wonderful boat tour on the rivers but didn't get...

Australia, 16/Aug/2013

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