Flexible Double Plantation Tour, New Orleans

$ 97.34 / AED 357.22 per person


  • Save up to $40 with this terrific twofer!
  • Pick 2 of 3: Whitney, Oak Alley, or Laura plantations
  • A rare chance to see Laura Plantation, only available on combo tours
  • Meet your friendly and knowledgable tour guide

Activity Schedule

9:00 a.m.


Save up to $40 when you choose 2 of the 3 following historical plantations for your Double Plantation Tour:

Whitney Plantation: At Whitney Plantation, you’ll stand witness to the lives of slaves and plantation owners in pre-Civil War Louisiana! This beautifully restored plantation, spanning over 2,000 acres, represents the only Louisiana plantation museum focusing on the history of slavery in America. Over a decade of restorations costing more than 10 million dollars has brought this important relic of the past back to life! So, come pay homage to the hardship, toil, and lives lost during this dark period in America’s history by taking a Whitney Plantation trip.

Laura Plantation: Not every visitor to Louisiana is lucky enough to see Laura Plantation because a visit can only be had as part of a combo tour. So, take this rare opportunity to select Laura Plantation as part of your Double Plantation tour. As one of the most important plantations on Earth, Laura Plantation has ties to at least two well-known bits of American culture. For one, the parents and extended family of Fats Domino, singer of “Blueberry Hill”, all lived on the Plantation. And, secondly, Alcée Fortier, contributor to the Br’er Rabbit folktale, visited the plantation to record Senegalese folklore from freedmen. This vastly important cultural hotspot is not to be missed!

Oak Alley Plantation: Visit one of the most beautiful locations in Louisiana by selecting Oak Alley Plantation as part of your Double Plantation Tour! You might feel a little déjà vu at Oak Alley Plantation. That’s because you’ve probably seen its long stretch of 250-year-old oak trees leading up to the “big house” on the T.V. or in the theatres. A filming location for Interview With A Vampire, Primary Colors, and Days Of Our Lives, Oak Alley Plantation will sweep you away to a entirely different time and make you feel like southern aristocracy. This is why choosing Oak Alley Plantation as part of your Double Plantation is one of the best things to do in Louisiana!


  • Tour Guide and Live Commentary in English
  • Plantation admissions and guided tours
  • Transportation to and from 2 plantations of your choice

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