Penang on a Plate - A Thrilling Food Walk in the City

$ 59 / AED 216.51 per person


  • Sink into dozens of local delights - from nasilemak and assamlaksa to tehtarik and cendol
  • Experience historic eateries - a Malay-Chinese kopitiam and the oldest Indo-Muslim restaurant in the city
  • Explore the Penangite heritage in its well-preserved historical sites and hidden backlanes
  • Immerse yourself in the thrilling street food culture in Penang
  • Sample famous South East Asian fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan and maybe even durians
  • Witness the frenzy of daily life at a Penang market and pack some local treats for home

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Get ready to cruise through an exhilarating culinary trail across the Pearl of the Orient - Penang! With a scintillating experience encompassing traditional eateries, local delicacies and a plethora of historical revelations, this is the perfect way to savour a taste of Penang and of course, Malaysian heritage. Whether it’s your first visit to Malaysia or the tenth one, this is a tour you just cannot miss!

The trail starts at a classical Malay-Chinese coffee shop, known as a kopitiam, which also happens to be one of the oldest ones dating back to 1940. Established before the Malayan Campaign and Malayan Emergency, you can try one of our beloved breakfast fares here - the nasilemak, which is rice cooked in coconut milk and served with chilli paste and a boiled egg. The tour comprises of almost a dozen stops at well-known joints, including one of Penang’s most popular lobak vendors who had represented the state at the Adelaide Food and Wine Festival. Wondering what a lobak is? It’s a Nonya delicacy of a five-spiced deep-fried pork roll; and trust us, it tastes as divine as it sounds!

Your taste buds are in for a roller-coaster ride of flavours as you sample everything from fried delights like prawn fritters to native desserts like cendol. The food walk additionally includes a visit to the city’s first Indo-Muslim restaurant where you can sink into traditional favourites such as assamlaksa - rice noodles in sour fish soup, murtabak - an Indian Muslim bread with meat fillings, and char kuey teow. You know why we say that we live to eat!

An electrifying brush with Penangite history also awaits you as the walk cruises through the city’s mysterious back lanes and perfectly-preserved heritage sites. Your guide is a local foodie so you are all set for a gastronomic adventure cutting across Penang’s incredible street food culture. The concluding part of the tour will take you to one of the busiest markets in Penang where you can find a profusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood and a range of dried foods as well. Savour indigenous fruits like the mangosteen and rambutan; if you are lucky enough - the notoriously famous durians. We promise your palate is in for a trip of a lifetime!

Witness a multitude of salted fishes being sunned by local vendors, watch how crullers - called yutiao locally - are made and even pack or tapau some back for home if you want. Our local guides will make sure you get the best deals in town. Oh, and before you head back, don’t forget to indulge in our treasured native beverages like tehtarik - a pulled tea, lime juice with sour plum, nutmeg juice and so much more! This is a tour that will send you home with a smiling heart and an ecstatic tummy!


  • Local English-speaking guide (Bargaining skills, local stories and best shopping deals guaranteed)
  • Food (How is any tour ever complete without it?)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks (We are always up for a little refreshment)


  • Alcoholic beverages (A slightly tipsy territory, we think)
  • Tips / gratuities (If you are feeling generous though, go right ahead)
  • Travel insurance (Better safe than sorry, right?)
  • Shopping expenses (You own your deals)
  • Additional food and drinks (You are always allowed to set your inner foodie on the loose)

Additional info

If you are happy with the services provided by your local guides, a tip - though not compulsory - is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it is of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels, inspires excellent service, and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across destinations. After all, everyone deserves a small token of appreciation, are we right? Please consider this when budgeting for your extra expenses on this tour.

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